The Planner

I discovered the career path [dietetics] I wanted to pursue in 8th grade, but prior to that I dreamed of getting a degree in fashion design. I used to plan my outfits for the week down to the shoes and now I plan my meals and workouts for the week instead. By planning my meals and workouts each Sunday, I have a guide to keep me determined to be active and consume a balanced diet throughout the entire week.

Image      Not only does meal planning lead to less senseless snacking, it also leads to minimal food waste and less trips to the grocery store. When mapping out my meals tonight I discovered that my Greek yogurt expires tomorrow so I replaced the green smoothie I was planning on having for breakfast tomorrow with the yogurt. I also have granola baking in the oven right now to enjoy with the yogurt! Lastly, meal planning allows me to cook extra of an ingredient I may use again in the week. For example, I made quinoa stir-fry tonight and cooked extra to use Wednesday night for quinoa “meatballs”. Stay tuned later in the week to obtain some of the recipes mentioned above!


Vegan Baking Tips

I figured I would start my blog with a few tips for baking items free of eggs and dairy. Either you can find a recipe that doesn’t call for eggs and dairy or you can substitute!

There are many milk substitutes (almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, rice milk, etc) on the market so choose one that best suits your palate. My personal favorite is almond milk.

Earth Balance, Smart Balance, and coconut oil are all excellent substitutions for butter.

As far as eggs, either flax seeds or chia seeds can be used as a replacement:

1. Grind the seeds to a fine texture (coffee grinder works perfectly).

2. For 1 egg, use 1 tbsp ground seeds and 3 tbsp water.

3. Pour the seeds and water into a small bowl and stir.

4. Let sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes it should reach an egg-like consistency and is ready to use.

Yesterday I made  delicious pumpkin bars from, subbing the eggs out with chia eggs (6 tbsp water and 2 tbsp chia seeds for 2 eggs). *Bonus of vegan baking: eating the dough/batter without having to worry about Salmonella!

Click below for the delicious pumpkin bar recipe: