Green Smoothie Goodness

Have you ever tried a green smoothie?

I finally did last year! I had heard Dr. Oz rave about his “green drink” and knew celebrity nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder starts every day off on the right note with a green smoothie, but this was not enough to get me to try one. Last spring, I stumbled across “The 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge” and I was ready for the challenge. Jen and Jadah administer the Green Smoothie Challenge at

I am currently on my third challenge, which started October 1. They are completely free to sign up for and once signed up, you will receive a shopping list with recipes prior to each week of the challenge. Jen and Jadah send out awesome recipes, but I also like to create some of my own. Some days it’s just easier to throw whatever I have in the VitaMix. For my smoothies I always use kale or spinach, whatever fruit I have on hand (bananas are my favorite for green smoothies), and for my liquid either water, coconut milk, coconut water, or almond milk. Tip: You can use fresh or frozen fruit and greens, but make sure at least one product is frozen to get your smoothie nice and cold.

I always try not to add additional ingredients to my smoothies or eat anything else 30 minutes before or after for optimal digestion. However, sometimes I can’t resist adding granola. I love including granola in shakes because it adds a nice crunch as well as leads me to take more time to consume the smoothie (without it I drink the smoothies way too fast- yes, they are that good!)

This morning I made my one of my favorite blends, Pineapple, Kale, and Coconut Oil from

2 cups kale, fresh
2 cups water
2 cups pineapple
1 banana
2 tablespoons coconut oil

However, the ingredients listed above are for 2 servings so I cut it in half and made a few other modifications (added a little extra water since my kale and fruits were frozen, reduced the coconut oil to 1 tsp, and added 1 tsp chia seeds for some Omega-3 fatty acids :))


Oh and it was one of those mornings where I couldn’t resist adding a little homemade granola on top. Delicious.


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